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Hyuuga Hinata
03 November 2006 @ 10:33 pm
((Hi, this is Takuya, I am finally going to leave CNJ. I haven't been on in forever, and I am just wasting a space, someone else will come and be a better Hinata than me. I hope all of you will be happy, and all of you will take care. Please remove me from your friends list, and I hope all of you will forgive me. If you are wondering, Hinata disappeared one day, just like the 4400. A T.V series... Anyway, I love you all, and I hope you all will take care, Hinata sends her love, and now I will say the last of my rant. Good-bye!))
Current Location: Bedroom
Current Mood: Going to miss you all
Current Music: Mulan Soundtrack (Disney)
Hyuuga Hinata
15 October 2006 @ 08:19 pm
... Finally I am out. The doctors say that they helped me out enough to let me go home... I am just needed to see a doctor every other week just to check up and stuff. I-I am sorry it took me so long, but now I am better... I-I hope to see you all very soon... Yet for now, I-I am just going to enjoy the stars that are out tonight...
Current Location: Hokage Mountain
Current Mood: Finally Out
Current Music: My Sanctuary: Utada Hikaru
Hyuuga Hinata
05 October 2006 @ 07:21 pm
((Takuya: Hey everyone. Just saying sorry for not being around... Got sent to hosptial for medical watch... nothing much... I'll be on again shortly. Just wanted to update. I'll see everyone maybe tonight if mama gives permission. I wuv you all!!))

Hi everyone... I-I just wanted to say to everyone I-I am g-getting better... A-At least that's what I th-think. Th-The doctors are putting me on a-a drug to help me with the "problems" s-so I may be able to leave soon... I-I miss all of you. I-I hope you all are doing well... Good bye...
Current Location: Konoha Medical Room #361
Current Mood: I don't want to say
Current Music: Screams
Hyuuga Hinata
27 September 2006 @ 10:46 pm
... Hello everyone... I-I am writing to everyone, just telling you that they think that I will need to stay where I am for a while until they know that I am not a harm to anyone or myself. They diagnosed me as a Schizomanic-depressive... I-In other words... I have schizophrenia and I am manic depressive... Ano... I just wanted to tell everyone that aside from getting use to the screams and the orderlies, I-I am okay... *smiles* They've been talking with me and asking weird questions, making me feel awkward, even more...

I know I promised that I will get better, but... I-It's hard. *smiles sadly* D-Don't worry, I'm trying none the less... One thing that scares me is an orderlie, he... He doesn't know when enough is enough. He hurts paitients as if they were mere dolls... I am scared to be near him, but he is in charge of my wing. *shakes head* Don't worry, I am not complaining or anything, but when they come to give medicine he grabs onto your arms really hard... Well, no need to bore you with what's happening... I-I'll see you all later. Bye...

((Takuya: I don't want to freak anyone out, but that is what basically happened to me. I don't mean to freak but I was threatened to be sent back to the hospital if I didn't start sleeping and eating well. So as you can see I am freaking out as well... There was a real orderlie that patrolled my wing, he was very scary. He once hit me with a baton... anyway, forget me. Later...

P.S: No one has come to visit me!! *pouting* Me want to see you guys, but don't question any of my fics, they were requested. Oh well, Ja Bai Bai!))
Current Location: Konoha Medical Wing
Current Mood: I feel Awkward
Current Music: Four Seasons: Amuro Naime
Hyuuga Hinata
26 September 2006 @ 01:22 am
... What I am about to tell you may make most of you mad, or sad... Either way I am sorry... I was sent away by Tsunade-sama, for... for my own protection. I need to get better, and stop being... this sad person and learn to stand up on my two feet. Those who know me will know that I have been saying this for a long time and would think that this is not real, but it is... I have hurt so many people and now I am going to repent... By making myself get better... I am sorry to everyone... But now I am in a place that will help me sleep, eat, and stop being depressed. I love all of you, and I want to make everyone proud... So I will say good bye for now and the next time you see me, I will be different... Good-bye you now...

P.S: I am so sorry for hurting anyone...

((Takuya: Man, this is how I felt when my parents sent me away... -.- ignore me... I'll still be on because I am writing a fic on fanfiction.net about... KINGDOM HEARTS!! I am hopefully going to get better with being with Hinata and stop being... "emo" so see ya all around! Oh yeah... If you have absoulutely nothing to do and you wanna make fun of my crappy fics, my pen name is "Chinese Fairy" and I have the most dumbest fics out there... Well, if you do pass by say hi! Bai bai!))
Current Location: Unkown
Current Mood: I want to get better
Current Music: Malchik Gay: T.A.T.U
Hyuuga Hinata
23 September 2006 @ 04:27 pm
... I just want to say that I am somewhere, where no one could or will find me. I am staying where I am until I get myself together...

Aya-san: forigve me, but I need to be alone...

Kiba-kun: don't worry... I won't do anything weird, or crazy...

Deidara: I-I am sorry, but can we please meet another time when you are around, and when I am feeling better? Th-thank you...

Tsunade-sama: may I please speak to you, I need some kind of medicine I would like to ask you about... Don't worry, when we meet, I will tell you what I want...

Konohamaru-san: I-If you want to really know about babies... I-I can try to tell you, but I won't make any promises... Th-thank you for reading this...

Dei-san: I don't want to talk to you, I don't want to see you, I don't want to be near you... Not until this -my matter- is cleared up. If you try to find me, I will ask ANBU keep an eye on you and to keep you away, if you even think of harming them you will never see me again. or if you really press the matter I will ask Tsunade-sama for an order to keep you away. Please. Keep. Away. From. Me.

...Lastly, Lee-san... I want to talk to you... I know it is crazy, for me to randomly ask to talk to you, but... I need to. If you don't want to talk, I understand... But I also need to tell you something and give you something... Thank you...

To everyone else. Thank you and I hope all of you stay safe and sound... I-I hope all of you are happy, and I pray that you will forever have that happiness, you don't know what will happen at any time. Like something could happen to your happiness... Good-bye...
Current Location: Not Telling
Current Mood: I feel SICK...
Current Music: Ballad Of A Fallen Angel: Cowboy Bebop
Hyuuga Hinata
20 September 2006 @ 10:03 pm
H-Hi everyone... I-I am sorry for not coming out of my home for a long time, but things have came up and I was trying to figure things out, and today I went job searching, I-I got one where Dei-kun goes to and also Hisenko-san as well... I-I also spoke to Dei-kun privately and found out somethings... Just so you know, Aya-san, I am n-not angry with you at all... I am not angry at anyone but myself...

I don't want anyone telling my sorry or anything, otherwise I will feel horrible... I just hope this is a nightmare... like I am dreaming in this continuation of a nightmare... I am going to make sugar cookies. ...If anyone wants some, just tell me and I will make some for you... I-I heard my mom say once, sugar cookies are sweet to cheer you up... I-I hope that is true... *smiles* A-anyway, I-I'll see all of you soon... good-bye...

P.S: K-Kiba-kun, o-or Neji-ni-san... if either of you have time, I-I was wondering if either of you two could talk to me... I-I need someone to talk too, th-thank you... *bows* good-bye...!
Current Location: Konoha Playground
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Hyuuga Hinata
03 September 2006 @ 05:25 pm
((Takuya: Hi everyone... I am terribly sorry for not being on for like... >.> ever, but my computer crashed -backstabbing computer- it broke like a week ago, and we just got it back yesterday, so all the things need to be downloaded again, and all my movies are gone T_T awywho, I'll try and download AIM soon, and I'll update my journal when the computer is running. *using my brother's laptop* So, I hope you all will forgive Hinata and me, we will be back on soon! bai bai))
Current Location: Home... with evil computer
Current Mood: I feel like crap
Current Music: ... shh... the baby is sleeping...
Hyuuga Hinata
17 August 2006 @ 09:08 pm
((Takuya: Hey everyone! I miss you all so much. I hope everyone is doing well, and no. No do not ask me about my vacation... it was very BLAH! words cannot describe. Anyway, I manage to steal my brother's laptop!! Muwahahaha!! *cough* Anywho, I will be offically back home on Saturday. I MISS YOU ALL!!! Please tell me that you all missed me! *huggles* Right, I just wanted to show that I am alive, so is Hinata... but she misses everyone, for she has not gone outside her apartment... v.v Very sad... so I will talk to all of you very soon, I love you all! Bai bai!! *one last huggles* P.S: Wish me good luck, tomorrow I return home in a small car that will have to drive 900 miles to GET home! SAVE ME!!! T_T Bye!))

H-Hello, everyone... I-I am sorry for not coming out of my apartment i-in a long time... I-I haven't been feeling right... Mi-Missing you all, and wondering if my headache will go away... *coughs slightly* E-Excuse me... Dei-kun, I miss you alot... I can't wait till I can get the nerve to go out soon. M-Maybe we can do something fun. *smiles* I-I's sorry, for not telling you that I wasn't feeling right and how I-I didn't come out to look for you... I love you.

T-Tsunade-sama... I-I hear it was your birthday... I-I am sorry for not saying happy birthday on the actual date. N-Next time I see you, we must celebrate...! I-If you don't mind...

I-I hear Neji-ni-san is back... Neji-ni-san. Wh-Where did you go...? *smiles* A-Anyway, I am glad you are back... I-I hope we can meet soon.

I-I am sorry, my headache is getting worse, s-so I shall take my leave... I will see you all soon. Good-bye...!

P.S: Dei-kun, I love you with all my heart!!!
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Hyuuga Hinata
08 August 2006 @ 03:18 pm
((Takuya: Hi everyone!! I am here for a few days then I'm gone... we changed the date to the 12th. So I will try to be on as much as possible!! I love you all! *kisses everyone* MUWA!))

H-Hello everyone... I-I'm coming out of the hosiptal today, and the doctor says that I-I will be okay... D-Dei-san... wh-while I was at the hospital, I-I thought about something... I... I love you. so please... can you you love me back...? *bows*

Everyone else, I will see everyone later... I love you all, take care.

P.S to Dei-san: My doctor wanted me to tell you not to send me to the hospital again, he'll... *blush* h-he will kick your... a-ass... *covers face with hands*
Current Location: Outside Konoha Hospital
Current Mood: I think Alright
Current Music: Trust You: Shaman King